25 Years of Performing Arts and Visual Arts

Coinciding with the party for the UGM Performing Arts and Visual Arts Study Program (Pengkajian Seni Pertunjukan dan Seni Rupa, (PSPSR)), the committee organized a number of activities with the theme of "The Power of Arts." A series of activities has been held from May to December 2016, in the form of scientific speeches, receptions, discussions, seminars, to exhibitions and festivals.

Whether we realize it or not, hidden or expressed, acknowledged or denied, art is present in almost all areas of human life; past, present, and future, and in any corner of the world. The presence of art in many aspects of life shows that art has an irreplaceable role in human life as a person, society, nation and state. Realizing this, the 25th anniversary of the PSPSR Program has the theme "Art Power" or "The Power of Arts" as the theme for the entire series of activities.   

The power art is widely understood as the ability inherent in the creative process, creative form, as well as the creative consumption of art symptoms / events. The abilities at each stage of the production-consumption-product chain are not limited to solace, economic power, or attractiveness, but also spiritual power, healing power, thinking power, and political power. Through art symptoms / events, the fluid and vague experiences of human daily life get various thematic focuses for various purposes. Art does not merely represent something that is outside of itself, art itself is a presentation of the reality of life that is not / rarely revealed clearly and strongly in human daily life: art is the creation of reality.

Event list







14 May 2016


Auditorium Lt. 5 Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM

Scientific Oration "The Past, Challenges, and Expectations" for the Study Program of the Performing Arts and Fine Arts

Prof. Dr. Endang Caturwati

Prof. Dr. Agus Burhan

Dr. I Gde Arya Suarta

Dr. Aton Rustandi Mulyana


14 May 2016


Pendopo SMK Negeri 1 Kasihan Bantul (SMKI)

Jl. PG. Madukismo, Bugisan, Yogyakarta

Anniversary Night: "Tribute to Prof. Dr. R. M. Soedarsono "

Pertunjukan Tari “The Dancing Professors” (Prof. Dr. A.M. Hermien Kusmayati, Prof. Dr. Endang Caturwati, Prof. Dr. Sri Rochana Widyastutieningrum,)


15 May 2016

Halaman Gedung Pascasarjana

PSPSR Alumni Family Day



17 -29 October 2016

Museum UGM Bulaksumur D6-D7

Fine Art Exhibition "Empowering the Shelves"



20 October 2016

Museum UGM Bulaksumur D6-D7

Discussion with Alumni

Dr. Timbul Raharjo, Dr. Irwandi, Agni Saraswati, M.A.


25 October 2016

Museum UGM Bulaksumur D6-D7

Film screening “ In Search of Disclosure”

Ninndi Raras

Ismail Basbeth

Wregas Bhanuteja


22 October 2016

Halaman Depan Gedung SPs UGM

Festival “ Negotiation with-in Urban Culture”

Jalan Pulang, Kasino Brothers, Trumpet Ezra Quartet, Cakil Squad, Raminten Cabaret Show, OM Dekan Buayan, Raphael Donny


28 October 2016

Backyard of SPs UGM Building

Festival “Betwixt and Between”

Frau, Risky Summerbee and The Honeythief, Samba Sunda


28 October 2016

Backyard of SPs UGM Building

Festival “ Divergent of Embodiment”

Tony Broer, Teater Tambologi Padangpanjang, EkosDanceCompany


28 October 2016

Auditorium Lt. 5 Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM

Seminar “The Power of Art”    

Lono Simatupang (UGM)

Prof. Dr. Friedrich von Borries (Hamburg University)

Dr. Paul Rae (Melbourne of University)

Bambang Sugiharto (universitas Katolik Parahyangan)